Misty Mountain - A Nature Lover's Haven

Misty Mountain - Established 1974
Telephone : + 27 (0) 13 764 3377
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E-Mail : mistymtn@iafrica.com

Green Initiatives

The fact that Misty Mountain forms part of a South African Natural Heritage Site requires us to be environmentally proactive and take steps to preserve this status. Our green policy is divided into the following subsections:

Waste Management/Disposal

All kitchen/restaurant/rooms waste is split at source into glass, tins, heavy plastics, light plastics and paper, raw vegetable/fruit waste, cooked biodegradable waste. All glass, tins and heavy plastics are taken to the recycling depot at Sabie. All raw vegetable/fruit waste is recycled on site into compost and used in our organic vegetable garden. All cooked biodegradable waste is given to local pig farmers for pig swill or placed in an underground pit where it biodegrades.


Every effort is made to reduce the purchases of products with environmentally unfriendly packaging. Furthermore, we aim to limit the use of products that are (generally) packaged at all, provided that no hygiene standards are compromised.

Water Management

Despite the fact that we are in a high rainfall area, water remains a scarce commodity in South Africa. We aim to limit the amount of unnecessary water usage at all times. All showers are fitted with water saving shower roses. Towels are only washed daily if specifically requested by guests.

Misty Mountain Green Initiatives Misty Mountain Green Initiatives

Energy Management

All water is heated by heat pumps and not by conventional geysers. By replacing all geysers with heat pumps, we have reduced the amount of electricity that Misty Mountain consumes by over 50%. Only energy saving globes are used, unless not available for certain light fittings. Only necessary lights are turned on at night. As far as possible, gas is used in the kitchen hence consumption is directly related to need. All staff members have been trained on the need to save electricity in light of the South Africa’s energy shortage/cost situation and the need to use increasingly green/renewable energies

Organic Vegetable Garden

Many of the vegetables used in our restaurant are grown in our own organic vegetable garden. Besides its environmentally-friendly nature, this garden allows us to serve very fresh, home grown, organic vegetables to our restaurant guests.

Misty Mountain Green Initiatives Misty Mountain Green Initiatives

Fire Policy

As we are in a timber area, we have to burn fire breaks annually. This burning is well managed by professionals assisted by our trained staff.

Farm Management

As timber farmers, we follow all possible good practice standards and are conscious of our environmental responsibilities as land owners.

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